Kimberley Coast Fishing

Derby coast fishing


The Derby West Kimberley area contains some of Western Australia’s most spectacular coastal destinations. With its extensive creek systems, mangroves, rivers and ocean beaches the West Kimberley offers a multitude of shore and boat fishing opportunities for a variety of marine and freshwater species including barramundi, mangrove jack, and salmon.

The offshore islands, coral reef systems and continental shelf waters of the Buccaneer Archipelago provide species of major recreational interest, including many members of the demersal sea perch family, such as scarlet sea perch and red emperor, cods, coral and coronation trout, trevally, tuskfish, tuna, mackerels and billfish

The Jetty is a popular place from which to view the stunning sunsets over King Sound or to fish for silver cobbler, shark, golden grunter, north west salmon and mud crabs on the incoming tides.

july, 2021

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