Welcome to King Sound Resort Hotel in Derby

Located close to amenities, a recreation centre, and the Derby shopping precinct, King Sound Resort Hotel, Derby is an ideal base to explore and discover the attractions of Derby, home of the world’s second highest tides.

Take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, or simply relax in the tropical surroundings. The King Sound Resort Hotel, Derby offers a bistro, a cocktail bar, and a Palm bar and beer garden to choose from to relax and enjoy a meal or a drink. Choose between a selection of air-conditioned, serviced hotel rooms and enjoy private bathroom facilities and room service.

Ride of a lifetime: Adventure charters along the Kimberly Coast

You must come and see what the Kimberly coast has to offer. Great fishing, untouched scenery and the food is beautiful. These trips are once in a lifetime trips that you will talk about for years. Take a look at this home video we took to get a small taste of the experience.







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